Heartland District

of the Unitarian Universalist Association

Youth Program

YOUNG RELIGIOUS UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISTS (YRUU)... An organization consisting of youth between the ages of 14 and 18 years of age.

WHAT IS DYSC?... The District Youth Steering Committee (DYSC) is the youth governing body of the Heartland District. DYSC plans and runs CONS (conferences) for the youth in the Heartland District. They set policy for youth events, review bylaws, and use consensus to come to purposeful solutions.

~ Promote spiritual growth and leadership ~
~ Build a district-wide youth community that fosters UU values ~
~ Support the needs of young Unitarian Universalists in the Heartland ~
~ Encourage the flow of communication between youth and adults ~
~ Develop an effective system for social action ~

LEARN MORE ABOUT DYSC... References & Resources

DYSC Committee Roster
DYSC Meeting Minutes

"SO YOU THINK YOU CAN CON"... CONS (conferences) are a great way to get to know other youth in the district who are as crazy as you are. DYSC puts on several CONS each year at various congregations in the district. There's bound to be one coming to your neighborhood soon.

References & Resources

CON Planning Guide

Need ideas for a con flyer?
CON Flyer Catalog



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