Who Are We?

The members of the Consultants Group are experienced in congregational development, and group facilitation. All are active UUs and knowledgeable about dynamics of UU congregational life. Each consultant brings skills and experiences that provide richness to their practice and to the congregations with whom they work.

What Services Does This Program Provide?

Mission Development, Vision Development and Strategic Planning. Development of a shared vision for the future and a clear and meaningful mission combined with well-developed plans for moving toward that vision are vital to a congregation’s health. The Group works with congregations and leadership to develop shared visions, missions and strategies.

Leadership Development: Are your congregation’s leaders selected, trained and supported to enable them to be committed, effective leaders? Working with congregations to select and develop leadership is vital to the health of congregations. The Group is prepared to support your congregational needs.

Retreat Facilitation. Retreats for Congregational Boards, Leadership, Search Committees, and other groups help to strengthen bonds of trust, communications, and commitments among participants. Through well designed retreats, desired outcomes can be reached to support the continued healthy development of the congregation.

Religious Education. How can congregations of any size develop effective, workable programs for lifespan religious education? Congregations can often benefit from outside counsel with people knowledgeable in this area.

Conflict. Conflict arises at transformative moments in congregational life. Consultants assist congregations in making a healthy space in which disagreement can take place in a way that supports positive transformation.

How Much Do These Services Cost?

For a morning, afternoon or evening or any portion thereof $200 (a full day is $300). Travel equalization: $125

Extra cost to non-fair share congregations: $175

If the consultant needs to stay overnight, the congregation also pays this cost.

How Do We Arrange for a Consultation?
Contact: Dori Thexton at [email protected]