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Each youth in grades 7-12 will submit a signed Parental Permission Form and a signed Conduct Agreement. By checking the box in the registration form, you agree to the following guidelines:

  • Each youth will be sponsored by an adult registered for the event.
  • Participants will endeavor to be present in body and spirit, and mutually supportive of one another.
  • Participants will demonstrate respect for self, others, and property throughout the event.
  • Alcohol or drug use, weapons, violence, and disrespectful or illegal behavior are prohibited.
  • Participants will respect the Policy on Healthy Boundaries and Community below.
  • No pets.
  • All participants will remain on-site during the events and activities.

Policy on Healthy Boundaries and Community

This policy seeks to create a safe space for all participants, where healthy and appropriate boundaries are upheld. While sexuality is a healthy and important part of young people's lives, there are times and places where sexual behavior is inappropriate and exclusive relationships detract from the community. All participants must abide by the following policies:

  • Participants must respect each other’s physical boundaries.
  • Youth participants shall refrain from sexual, seductive, or erotic behavior while at the event.
  • Sexual behavior by youth participants at the event and sexual harassment are not permitted and will not be tolerated.
  • Any harassment regarding race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or disability will not be
    tolerated. Such harassment includes unsolicited remarks, gestures or physical contact, and display or circulation of written
    materials or derogatory pictures directed at any of these categories. In addition, sexual advances, jokes, explicit or offensive
    pictures, requests for sexual favors, sexting, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual
  • The event leadership team is responsible for ensuring this policy is enforced. Parents/guardians are invited to discuss this
    policy with youth.
Checking the box "I have read and understood the Rules" on your Registration Form means:

I have read, understand, and agree to abide by this Conduct Agreement. I understand that in accordance with UUA policy, shouldthere be violations of this agreement there may be disciplinary action which may include parental notification, dismissal from theevent at youth/parent’s expense, inability to attend future UUA youth events, and other actions as appropriate to the situation.

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