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Perhaps this headline is familiar to you, coming from the beautiful song by Peter Mayer, “Blue Boat Home.” Whenever I hear this moving piece, I think about shared moments of singing this with UU youth at our Youth Midwest Leadership School. They know this hymn well, for it resonates with their life experiences. I encourage you to consider using this piece, which is in our hymnal supplement, and also to visit the author’s website, Peter Mayer. The primary reason that I was thinking about “Blue Boat Home” is that there is a new, engaging blog recently launched by our national Youth and Young Adult Office, which is Take a moment to check out this new blog, which has great links and resources for both youth and young adult ministries.

On the horizon in Prairie Star District is Def Con 4:Re-Con, a youth conference in Des Moines, IA, Dec. 9-11, Central Midwest District recently held UniCon for youth, and the Young Adult Conivale. Heartland District Youth Con schedule for 2012 is here:

In the mode of linking our events, resources, and ideas, one great way to enhance our connections is through conversations with one another. With that in mind, I would love to hear from folks who would be interested in having virtual conversations about UU youth and young adult ministries. A rich cross fertilization happens when we connect, and I would also love to hear more directly from leaders about your ideas and resource needs. Please e-mail me if you would like to receive a meeting wizard request to take part in a virtual teleconference. Do indicate whether your interest is in youth or young adult ministries. Once I get some responses, I will send out a meeting request and will then set up the call. I truly hope to hear from you.

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YES We CON Southern Area Youth CON in Columbia MO

03 Nov 2017

The Youth Group at UU Church of Columbia (in central Missouri) is hosting the social justice themed Yes We CON for the Southern Area of the Midwest Region (southern Illinois, Eastern Missouri). Age Group: Youth must be at least 14 years of age and at least a freshman in high school (or home school equivalent to attend. Registration is handled by the congregation, soplease direct any questions to Jamila. Please fill out and send to the church, to the attention of Jamila Batc...

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