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Nancy Combs-Morgan

Perhaps this headline is familiar to you, coming from the beautiful song by Peter Mayer, “Blue Boat Home.” Whenever I hear this moving piece, I think about shared moments of singing this with UU youth at our Youth Midwest Leadership School. They know this hymn well, for it resonates with their life experiences. I encourage you to consider using this piece, which is in our hymnal supplement, and also to visit the author’s website, Peter Mayer. The primary reason that I was thinking about “Blue Boat Home” is that there is a new, engaging blog recently launched by our national Youth and Young Adult Office, which is Take a moment to check out this new blog, which has great links and resources for both youth and young adult ministries.

On the horizon in Prairie Star District is Def Con 4:Re-Con, a youth conference in Des Moines, IA, Dec. 9-11, Central Midwest District recently held UniCon for youth, and the Young Adult Conivale. Heartland District Youth Con schedule for 2012 is here:

In the mode of linking our events, resources, and ideas, one great way to enhance our connections is through conversations with one another. With that in mind, I would love to hear from folks who would be interested in having virtual conversations about UU youth and young adult ministries. A rich cross fertilization happens when we connect, and I would also love to hear more directly from leaders about your ideas and resource needs. Please e-mail me if you would like to receive a meeting wizard request to take part in a virtual teleconference. Do indicate whether your interest is in youth or young adult ministries. Once I get some responses, I will send out a meeting request and will then set up the call. I truly hope to hear from you.

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