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Nancy Combs-Morgan Appointed as MidAmerica Coordinator of Emerging Youth and Young Adult Ministries

nancy combs-morganOn the horizon is a time of transition as Heartland, Prairie Star, and Central Midwest Districts deepen their relationship to each other and to regionalization in MidAmerica. The respective district boards from Central Midwest, Prairie Star, and Heartland have been in thoughtful communication about what this expanded move into regionalization will mean for each of our respective districts as they primarily work on issues of governance.

In terms of staffing, the co-employed staff from the three districts have decided to appoint Nancy Combs Morgan their first regional staff person, ¾-time, to work coordinating youth and young adult ministries. Nancy is currently full time on the staff of Heartland District and will continue to work there ¼ time as Faith Development Director. This portfolio change will begin on Sept. 1st, 2011. This appointment is a transitional appointment which we expect to last two years.

Making this shift now was a way of keeping a person in this position during a time of exceptional austerity while allowing us to live in to substantially new program and administrative structures. We look forward to shaping these new structures in conversation with the leaders of the three districts of the MidAmerica region.

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