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James Reeb UU Congregation in Madison WisconsinMembers of the Peace, Justice and Sustainability Group at James Reeb UUC in Madison WI put on a service focused on Ethical Eating.

A message for all ages showed the children 2 types of lettuce - one conventionally grown in California, the other organically grown locally. After an explanation of the ways each lettuce were grown, the children determined that the more expensive, but locally grown lettuce was the better deal - for the environment, the growers and for the family that would eat it.

One member told his story of serious illness forcing him to either undergo surgery or drastically change his diet. To the surprise of his doctors his switch to a vegan diet focused on locally produced food quickly resolved his medical issues. Another long term vegan spoke about the ethics of our eating decisions. All left that day thinking hard about what they could change in their own food habits.

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