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Upcoming Webinars

Tue Aug 19 @ 7:45PM Central

WEBINAR: New Ideas for Small Congregation Websites
Thu Aug 21 @ 7:45PM Central

WEBINAR: New Ideas for Small Congregation Websites
Tue Aug 26 @ 7:45PM Central

Thu Aug 28 @ 7:45PM Central

WEBINAR: New Youth Advisors
Tue Sep 09 @ 7:45PM Central

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1.  Streaming Information online and also at the blog for off site delegates.
2.  The June edition of Just Acts 2014 GA Edition identifies four workshops and two gatherings organized by UUA Multicultural Growth and Witness led by Susan Leslie.
3.  State Advocacy Networks Thursday 10:15 am RICC 552 "Tools for Organizing"
        SAN Reception -- Bristol Room at the Omni Hotel - Thursday, 5:30-7:00 p.m.
4.  Commission on Social Witness Workshops, Forums & Plenaries:
         Thursday, 10:15 am, RICC Ballroom D, Reproductive Justice:
         Thursday 12:30 pm, RICC 551, Mini Assembly on Proposed CS/AIs
         Friday 12:30 pm Omni Providence Ballroom, UUMA/CSW Sermon Award
         Friday 2:15 pm, CC Plenary: Vote on CSAI
         Friday 5:00  pm RICC 552, Hearing on Newly Selected CS/AI
         Saturday 8:00 am,  Plenary: Vote to select up to 3 AIWs
         Sat. 10:30 am., RICC 552,553, Ballroom E, Plenary Hall Mini Assemblies AIWs
         Sat, 12:30 , RI CC Ballroom D, SOC Immigration: What Congregations are Doing
         Sunday 1:30 pm CC Plenary: Action of Immediate Witness (AIW) votes

Thanks to UUJO (UU Justice Ohio) for these handy tips!