What is “Fair Compensation?”  It’s one way we live our Unitarian-Universalist values within our own congregations by treating our employees as valued members of our communities. Fair compensation is essential to the recruitment and retention of qualified personnel. This is true for any company, corporation, or agency. It is especially true for religious organizations with strong social justice commitments.

The Fair Compensation Consultants are available to help you reach the goal of achieving fair compensation for ministers and all other religious professionals and staff.  We can provide guidance to Congregational leadership on such issues as understanding the components of Fair Compensation, accessing and understanding information about them on the UUA website, answering questions on unique pay and personnel issues, and developing plans to achieve your goals.

Your Compensation Consultants are:

  • Cheri Cody:  South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Western Missouri, Iowa
  • Charlotte Cowtan:  North Dakota, Minnesota
  • Ellen Germann-Melosh:  Specialist, Small Congregations
  • Jane Gross:  Kentucky, Ohio
  • Art Hillman:  Michigan, Indiana
  • Douglas Kaufman-Dickson:  Illinois, Wisconsin, Eastern Missouri

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