The Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lansing, Michigan (a vibrant congregation of 320 members), is hiring a half-time Acting Membership Coordinator. This is a 2-year position with the opportunity for permanent hire. The schedule includes most Sundays and some evenings. The purpose of this position is two-fold: a) to promote the growth of our congregation; and b) to deepen the connections of congregants with the church. This includes promoting a culture of hospitality throughout the congregation, warmly welcoming new people, promoting a well-defined "path to membership," nurturing volunteers, and creating excitement about being a part of this church.

See the position description at: Salary range for half-time is $17,800-$21,500. Please send cover letter, resume, and 3 references to: Kathy McWilliams at or UU Church of Greater Lansing (Attn: K. McWilliams), 5509 South Pennsylvania Avenue, Lansing MI 48911. Application deadline is May 31.

The UU Church of Greater Lansing is dedicated to promoting diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion in everything we do. We are fully focused on equality and believe deeply in diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, national origin and all the other fascinating characteristics that make us different.

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