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Because Prairie Star District has become part of MidAmerica Region, this page has been archived as of July 15, 2013, for reference purposes. It will not be updated in the future, and some links may no longer work properly.  For more up-to-date information, please visit the Mid America UUA site.  Thank you!

Prairie Star District UUA | AnnualConference2006 / Business From Prairie Star District UUA AnnualConference2006: Business

Prairie Star District UUA Annual Business Meeting

The 43nd Annual Meeting of Prairie Star District, UUA, will be held on Saturday, April 29, 2006, from 4:45 to 6:15 p.m., at the Sheraton Iowa City Hotel, 210 S. Dubuque St., Iowa City, Iowa 52240. The agenda for the meeting includes adoption of the 2006-2007 Prairie Star District budget, the election for the positions shown in the report of the Nominating Committee, and such other matters as may properly come before the meeting.

Congregations in good standing are entitled to a specific number of delegates who can vote at the meeting. The number of delegates is determined by number of congregation members. (See the link below for more information.)

An appropriate number of delegate credentials will be sent to each congregation President about March 20. Each congregation determines how its delegates are selected. The congregational credentials must be signed by a congregation leader, given to each delegate, and presented by the individual delegates at the Annual Conference registration table.

Every settled minister and minister emeritus is entitled to be a delegate (in addition to the congregational selected delegates) and will be sent ministerial credentials.

Business Meeting Links Delegate Counts A list by congregation of the number of delegates per congregation for 2006. Proposed Budget (in PDF Format -- 92KB) Please bring a copy to the meeting. Report of the Nominating Committee A list of the candidates for officers, directors, and others to lead Prairie Star District, with biographical information

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Prairie Star District UUA | AnnualConference2006 / Delegate Counts From Prairie Star District UUA AnnualConference2006: Delegate Counts

The following table gives the number of delegates each PSD congregation is entitled to send to the PSD Annual Business Meeting in 2006. The number of delegates depends on the number of members registered with UUA for 2005-2006. The two numerical columns in the table give:

Members: The number of members registered by the congregation with UUA. Delegates: The number of delegates the congregation may send to the PSD Annual Business Meeting in 2006

City Congregation Members Delegates
Ames Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 273 6
Burlington Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 73 3
Cedar Falls Unitarian Universalist Society 127 4
Cedar Rapids The Peoples Church 231 5
Clinton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 21 2
Davenport Unitarian Church 207 5
Decorah NE Iowa Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 41 3
Des Moines First Unitarian Church 353 7
Dubuque Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 37 2
Iowa City Unitarian Universalist Society 298 6
Mason City Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 12 2
Okoboji Iowa Lakes UU Fellowship   0
Sioux City First Unitarian Church 69 3
Storm Lake UUs of Storm Lake   0
Lawrence Unitarian Fellowship 144 4
Manhattan Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 103 3
Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universalist Church 255 5
Salina Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 36 2
Topeka Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 123 4
Wichita First Unitarian Universalist Church 149 4
Arden Hills Pilgrim House UU Fellowship 70 3
Bemidji Headwaters UU Fellowship 56 3
Bloomington MN Valley UU Fellowship 147 4
Brainerd Northwoods UU Fellowship 18 2
Buffalo Unitarian Universalist Fellowship   0
Burnsville Dakota Unitarian Universalist Church 31 2
Duluth First Unitarian Church 219 5
Excelsior Lake Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists 28 2
Fridley Michael Servetus Unitarian Society 86 3
Grand Rapids Unitarian Fellowship 30 2
Hanska Nora Unitarian Universalist Church 72 3
Mankato Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 80 3
Minneapolis Lighthouse Sanctuary   0
Minneapolis First Unitarian Society 509 9
Minneapolis First Universalist Church 810 13
Northfield Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 43 3
Rochester First Unitarian Universalist Church 370 7
St. Cloud Spirit of Life Church   0
St. Cloud Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 68 3
St. Paul Groveland UU Fellowship   0
St. Paul Unity Church-Unitarian 855 13
Underwood Unitarian Church 40 3
Virginia Mesabi Unitarian Universalist Church 33 2
Wayzata UU Church of Minnetonka 215 5
White Bear White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church 560 9
Willmar Unitarian Church 52 3
Winona Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 40 3
Kansas City All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church 458 8
Kansas City The Gaia Community 40 3
Osceola UUs of Osceola   0
Warrensburg UUs of Warrensburg   0
Kearney Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 10 2
Lincoln Unitarian Church 309 6
Omaha First Unitarian Church 253 5
Omaha Second Unitarian Church 133 4
North Dakota
Bismarck Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 73 3
Dickenson Ocean of Grass UU Fellowship   0
Fargo Unitarian Universalist Church 96 3
Grand Forks Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 24 2
South Dakota
Rapid City Black Hills UU Fellowship 44 3
Sioux Falls All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church 69 3
Vermillion Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 18 2
Ashland Northwoods UU Fellowship 54 3
Eau Claire Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 147 4
La Crosse Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 83 3
Menomonie Unitarian Society 28 2
Rice Lake Blue Hills Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 50 3
River Falls Unitarian Universalist Society 57 3
Totals   8930 237

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Prairie Star District UUA | AnnualConference2006 / Brochure From Prairie Star District UUA AnnualConference2006: Brochure

Prairie Star District Annual Conference Giving Life the Shape of Justice April 28-30, 2006 Downtown Sheraton HotelIowa City, IA 55101 Design by Anders Haig

Hosted by the Unitarian Universalist Societyof Iowa City

Social justice, a core Unitarian Universalist value, sparks discussion, debate, and decisive action in each of our UU communities. As people committed to justice for all, not just in the US but around the world, we invite you to share an exciting weekend of fellowship, inspiration, and involvement in Iowa City, an award-winning university town set on the lovely (and lively!) banks of the Iowa River.

Printable Registration Materials (PDF files) Conference Brochure (424 KB) Registration Form for All Ages (76 KB) Youth Conference Info and Registration Form (109 KB) ||

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Prairie Star District UUA | AnnualConference2006 / PSD Annual Conference From Prairie Star District UUA AnnualConference2006: PSD Annual Conference

Annual Conference 2006 Archive

(PSD Annual Conference Main Page)

The PSD Annual Conference is a weekend of workshops, worship, and fellowship in April of each year, and its location varies. At the Annual Meeting that takes place during the Annual Conference officers and directors are elected, the budget is approved, resolutions considered, awards granted, and reports presented.

PSD 2006 Annual Conference : “UU Con: Giving Life the Shape of Justice” April 28-30, 2006 Sheraton Inn in downtown Iowa City, Iowa

Hosted by UU Society of Iowa City

The 2006 Conference includes:

The regular conference for adults. A Social Action Conference for youth (ages 12-18 or grades 7-12). “Scenes of Justice,” a program for children in grades K-6. Child care for children ages 3-5. Greeting from Iowa City

We did not blow away in the tornado last Thursday (April 13), but Iowa City did sustain significant damage. The hotel is undamaged except for the parking ramp and the conference will go on as planned. The windows in the parking ramp elevator blew out and they are currently working on getting them replaced. The only inconvenience might be using the stairs instead of the elevator but we are hopeful it will be taken care of.

Our church building was very fortunate in receiving only minor damage -- two broken windows. Further up Iowa Avenue, the street our church is on, there was substantial damage to a residential neighborhood. The entire community has been pitching in cleaning up the mess and we are hopeful the streets will be open soon. The route we gave you in the confirmation letter is open and fine for traffic.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

Vicki Siefers, Registration Peggy Houston, Conference Chair

Information about the Business Meeting (HTML format). Agenda, delegate counts, proposed budget, Nominating Committee report.

Information from the conference brochure (HTML format). The HTML pages include information about all programs. The HTML pages do not include the registration forms; those are in the registration form PDF files below.

More information on the Youth Con (HTML format). A note from Sarah Carlson, YAC Communications Co-Chair, to youth and those involved in youth ministry in the district.

Information on the Social Justice Workshop (HTML format). On Friday afternoon immediately before the Annual Conference there will be an additional Social Justice Workshop. Separate registration is required.

To Reserve a Hotel Room using a credit card: Online Hotel Reservations To Register at the Door and pay by check or credit card:The following files are in PDF format: Brochure (424 KB) -- does not include registration forms Registration Form (76 KB) Youth Conference Info & Registration Form (109 KB) Adults: To register at the door, print and fill out one registration form for each adult attending, and bring it to the registration desk. There will also be forms available at the desk when you get there. Children under 12 (or under 7th grade) should be registered on the form of an adult who is attending. Youth: To register at the door, print and fill out both the regular registration form and the youth registration, a pair for each youth attending. An adult must sign the youth registration form. There will also be forms available at the registration desk when you get there.

While you are here, be sure to visit our unique home at 10 S. Gilbert Street, four blocks north of the hotel.

Come early and stay late! The Unitarian Universalist Society of Iowa City welcomes you to our community! Many conference participants tell us they plan to extend their stay by a day or two, for Iowa City has much to offer! We hope you will, too.

Iowa City Highlights

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