creative inclusion webinarLinette Lowe, DRE First Unitarian Church Louisville KYMost of our congregations do a reasonable job of being accessible to those with physical disabilities:  we have accessible entrances, restrooms, classrooms and sanctuaries.  Those with mobility issues, restricted vision, and hearing loss are accommodated so that they can fully participate in the lives of our congregations.  But what about those who are neurodiverse?  Are those with autism spectrum disorders, dyslexia, ADHD, Tourette Syndrome, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, developmental speech disorders, Parkinson's disease, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and others welcomed as well?  What can we do to help our congregations become informed about and more comfortable with neurodiversity so that we can more fully live into our philosophy of radical welcome?  What will this mean for how we "do" church? 

Join Linette Lowe, DRE at First Unitarian Church of Louisville, in an exploration of this issue.  Linette's interest in the topic is informed by her Ph.D. work in Philosophy of Education and M.A. work in Special Education, her experiences living with a neurodiverse son and spouse, the work of Sally Patton for the UUA, and the needs of her congregation and the congregations of her DRE colleagues.

History and Heritage webinarHistory and Heritage webinar

We begin this webinar by considering the benefits of doing UU history. Then we review strategies for doing historical work in your home congregations, and for connecting your local history to regional and national UU history. We present examples of how to communicate your historical information, and how to collaborate with others who engage in UU historical initiatives.


Presented by Nancy Heege, Tim Hirsch and the Members of the Region's History and Heritage Committee.

MidAmerica History and Heritage Resources

Generosity webinarDori Dec2013In this webinar led by Congregational Life Consultant Dori Davenport Thexton, participants:

  • Explored generosity as a spiritual practice
  • Imagined what their congregation would look like if it was truly generous
  • Examined obstacles to creating the culture of generosity in their congregation
  • Created ways to enable members to experience the joys and rewards of being generous
  • Learned about the vital link between mission and generosity

More resources from our Region.

We also present a workshop on this topic at congregations around the MidAmerica Region. Contact us for more information:

Youth Advisorsnew youth advisor webinarFor volunteer and professional youth advisors/directors... Engage in the "Guide to Youth Advising," covering the basics of youth ministry, youth group essentials, and the regional support network of the MidAmerica Youth Advisor Network.

Leader: Nancy Combs-Morgan

Basic resources:

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