Staffing for GrowthMark StringerPresenter: Rev. Mark Stringer, Minister of First Unitarian Church of Des Moines, Iowa

When Rev. Mark Stringer went on sabbatical in 2007, he visited several large UU congregations across the country, to learn all he could about church staffing as related to congregational growth. Since then, he’s put into action a number of steps that have transformed the work of the Des Moines church.

Mark led an online workshop for leaders of mid-sized congregations on “Staffing for Growth.”

Governance As LeadershipTen Good Ideas About Good Governance

Many of our most committed leaders have sat in congregational board meetings and said to themselves “there must be a better way to do this work”! Many new people have volunteered to do simple task and found themselves frustrated amidst lack of clarity. In this workshop we will discuss not any one system of governance but practical and relatively simple ideas for making work flow better in service of mission.

Lisa Presley, District Executive of the Heartland District of the UUA and
Ian Evison, Congregational Service Director of the Central Midwest District of the UUA.

Multi-Site CongregationsGuest Presenter: Rev. Christine Robinson, Senior Minister at First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque, New Mexico

Christine made a virtual presentation from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to two locations in Prairie Star: Saint Paul, Minnesota, and Kansas City, Missouri. It is a little longer than what I usually post here (about an hour and forty-five minutes), but it’s well worth the time, especially if you’re interested in the concept of multi-site congregations and would like to know more.

This workshop explored the possibilities for multi-site Unitarian Universalist congregations. Multi-site congregations are those which have members living in two different locations: two or more sites, one church.

  • Large congregations, which are restricted by their buildings or their locations, look at multiple sites as a way to continue growing numerically or to do outreach to people not currently being served.
  • Small congregations which affiliate with larger congregations get services they can’t currently afford to offer their members.

Here’s the complete script of Christine’s presentation, including the handout about the cost of starting a multi-site branch:

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