On September 12, 2008, about 15 congregational leaders from Prairie Star, Central Midwest, and Heartland districts took part in another online workshop. The previous workshop was about getting your congregation ready for fall. This one was about effective meeting leadership. I have to say that I’ve really enjoy putting together and presenting these workshops, and it seems like the participants feel they’ve been worth the effort, too. Here’s one of the comments I received about this webinar:

This workshop has been extremely helpful to me. I can read the information we shared tonight, but hearing real voices, experts in the subject,  adds immeasurably to how much I will retain. As a new president this subject was very timely. I’ve sat in many, many meetings in my life, but chairing one is very different. Thanks for this help.

So, who were these experts? And what, exactly, did we cover? Well, the workshop was presented by Ian Evison and Nancy Combs-Morgan (my district staff colleagues). They really did bring a lot of expertise to the subject. And here’s the actual slide presentation we offered, along with our Ten Good Ideas about Effective Meeting Leadership. -- Phil Lund

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