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February, 2014

Dear MidAmerica Chalice Lighter,

We are pleased to announce two recipients of our Winter Call.  The committee for the Regional Chalice Lighter program met via conference call to consider three applications that were received. The committee is comprised of representatives from all three of the former districts. The committee is issuing this call to all who are signed up to be Chalice Lighters across the region, and to distribute the funds according to the greatest needs of these two congregations:
  • Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Quad CitiesThe Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Quad Cities (UUCQC) to hire new administrative staff over the next three years to free up 35 hours of ministerial and DRE time now devoted to administrative duties.  By hiring specific new staff members to do Communications, New Member Coordination, Bookkeeping, and Office Administration, they can give their minister and DRE more hours per week to develop new programming as called for in their “Strategic Plan for Growth.”  The committee was very impressed with the comprehensive approach to growing their congregation through staff support and volunteer/lay leader development.              
  • Lake Country UU ChurchThe Lake Country Unitarian Universalist Church of Hartland, Wisconsin in order to bring their facility into compliance with the American Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities.  The project will include replacing the existing noncompliant drinking fountain with one that meets the Guidelines, and modifying the existing noncompliant office restroom to meet the Guidelines by enlarging the room and doorway, replacing the toilet and sink, adding grab bars, and other changes as required to comply with the ADAAG.  Their facilities are fully accessible in every other way, so this will be the final piece of making their space truly welcoming to all. They have reduced the costs of this project with member “sweat equity” for the cosmetic finishing aspects of construction.
We thank you for your support of the growth of Unitarian Universalism in the Midwest!  Please read on for more information on how to contribute and how to support the Chalice Lighter program in your congregation.

If your congregation does not have a Chalice Lighter Ambassador, please let us know (email Dori Thexton – so we can work with your leaders to recruit and support someone to be an Ambassador.

For this Winter Call, please make an online donation or send in your check by April 15, 2014.

You can make the check out to MidAmerica Region, with a note “Chalice Lighters Winter 2014 Call” in the memo line and mail it to:
MidAmerica Region UUA, 2355 Fairview Avenue #312, Roseville, MN 55113

We deeply appreciate your generosity in contributing to the MidAmerica Chalice Lighter program.  There are several ways you can participate in the Chalice Lighter program, with four suggested levels of donation: $20 Believer / $50 Builder / $100 Benefactor / $250 Beacon. These are amounts that would be donated three times each year (Fall, Winter & Spring Calls) upon receipt of the Call Letter.  

For the third annual call in the spring, the committee is exploring possibilities for selecting a broad-based program to support growth and ministry that can potentially help all the congregations in the Region.

If you’d prefer, for tax purposes, to make one donation per year (any amount over the $60 minimum donation for three Calls) you can contribute to the Winter Call of 2014, and we will hold the funds and divide them equally among the three Calls in that calendar year.

There are several ways you can donate:
  • You can send in your check through the mail in the envelope included with your letter.
  • Donate online.  Please note, the only time we accept a single annual donation ($60 minimum) is during the Winter Call.
Lastly, we are hoping to move most Chalice Lighter notifications and donations to our online system, so please consider switching to use the online system if you are not currently using it.

Former Central Midwest District Chalice Lighters: If you were previously signed up to receive notifications and make donations online, you do NOT need to sign up again.

Again, please know that we and the congregations who have and will receive Chalice Lighter Grants are deeply grateful for your generosity!

The MidAmerica Region Chalice Lighter Committee
Rev. Peter Connolly, Bowling Green, KY

Emily Jaycox, St. Louis, MO

Heidi Lackmann, DesMoines, IA

Karen McMillin, Oak Park, IL

Kathy Silver, Dexter, MI

with staff support from Rev. Phillip Lund and Dori Davenport Thexton

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