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3737 Eastern Ave., Davenport, IA

Join us for AdvisorCon 2014!  The theme of this year's AdvisorCon is Social Justice and Youth. We will discuss ways to engage our youth in social justice activites, from fundraising to direct action

Registration is being run through Eventzilla.  The cost of the event is $50 per advisor.  We encourage you to check with your religious education professional at your congregation to see if funds are available for you to attend this event.

For more information: http://www.mayanuu.com/#!advisorcon/cjck

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17 Apr 2015 16:00 : REGIONAL ASSEMBLY in Naperville, IL - ONE LOCATION http://www.midamericauua.org/events/eventdetail/322/186/regional-assembly-in-naperville-il-one-location http://www.midamericauua.org/events/eventdetail/322/186/regional-assembly-in-naperville-il-one-location Youth singing at Bloomington RA 2014April 17-19, 2015

One location:
Marriott Hotel in Naperville, IL (near Chicago)

An entire weekend full of events for everyone!

“The ‘New’ in the New Era of Unitarian Universalism.”

We'll bring in two outstanding keynote speakers,

workshops to address every aspect of congregational life, and

outstanding worship and music led by professionals from across the Region.

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