Heartland District

of the Unitarian Universalist Association

Heartland Awards

Charlotte Cowtan Award...The Heartland District Board of Trustees annually named a Charlotte Cowtan Award.  This award recognized a congregation in the Heartland District for the work they have done to promote Unitarian Universalism in their community, or in the District or throughout the world. This awaard was named in honor of our first District Executive, Charlotte Cowtan.

The award was open to all congregations, no matter the size.

Anne Miller Award for  Excellence in Lifespan Religious Education...The Heartland District Lifespan Religious Education Committee also named a recipient of the Anne Miller Lifespan Religious Education Award for the Heartland District of the UUA to honor significant contributions to lifespan religious education.

The Anne Miller Award for Excellence in Lifespan Religious Education was presented to an individual who made an outstanding contribution to religious education for children, youth and adults over the years. The Ohio Valley Unitarian Universalist District Lifespan Religious Education Committee originally established the award in 1989. The Heartland District carried on this tradition, giving the award at its annual meeting each April.

This award carries Anne Miller's name as recognition for her 25 years of dedication to religious education. A nominee for the award was a Unitarian Universalist whose achievements include several of the following:

  • Contributed to the quality of RE at the local level.
  • Raised the quality of RE at the district level through leadership and publications.
  • Affected more than one fellowship or congregation.
  • Took advantage of opportunities of continuing education.
  • Has been innovative in the use of RE resources.
  • Brought dignity to the profession of religious education.