Report on behalf of the Board of Trustees, MidAmerica Region, UUA

March 17, 2016

Since Regional Assembly 2016, our MidAmerica Board has worked diligently to serve our congregations, our Region, our Association, and our larger movement! We have met face-to-face in May and September, and have met by conference call or computer meeting in August, October, November, December, January, February, March, and April. We have another face-to-face meeting scheduled in May, 2017. Detailed reports of our formal business meetings are available on the Governance page of the MidAmerica Region website (

We also do a lot of work outside of our board meetings. Our main charge as a board is to represent MidAmerica's congregations and other Unitarian Universalist groups, and to help ensure that the resources of MidAmerica are directed toward the most important needs and opportunities present within our Region. In order to do that, it is important that we make connection with those groups within MidAmerica, and engage in conversation with them so that we can hear what is most important to the entities that make up our region. This past year we have used several different ways to do this. We reviewed the results of an online survey of leaders sent to all congregations conducted in Summer, 2016, and in the Fall of 2016 individual board members conducted a series of phone conversations with congregational leaders, and have committed to checking back in with them on a continuing basis. In addition, each time the MidAmerica Board meets face-to-face, we make it a point to connect with the congregations in the area of our meeting. In May, we worked with congregational leaders in the Detroit, Michigan area, the site of our May face to face meeting, to put together a meeting with Detroit area Muslim leaders, where we presented them with the Resolution on Solidarity with the Muslim Community that this Regional Assembly passed last year. We will continue to look for additional ways we can make connections and engage with as many of you as possible.

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Midwestern Unitarian Universalist Conference & Midwest Unitarian Universalist Foundation

2017 Annual Report to the MidAmerica Region & the Mountain Desert District

Midwestern Unitarian Universalist Conference

History: With the consolidation of the American Unitarian Association (AUA) and the Universalist Church of America (UCA) in 1961, the Midwest Universalist Conference and the Western Unitarian Conference formed the Midwestern Unitarian Universalist Conference (Conference) and the Midwest Unitarian Universalist Foundation (Foundation).

Purpose: The purpose of the Conference is to further the interests of Unitarian Universalists and their institutions in the mid-continental states (i.e., MidAmerica Region and the Mountain Desert District); to promote, foster, and encourage the interests of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA); to support those institutions to spread the message of Unitarian Universalism; and to distribute income generated by funds held in trust by the Foundation, a subsidiary corporation. The purpose of the Foundation is to hold those funds received from the AUA, UCA, and other sources in trust, and to invest, administer, and safeguard those funds.

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February 28, 2017

The MidAmerica Region (MAR) Nominating Committee is pleased to submit the following Committee Report and proposed slate for consideration at the 2017 Regional Assembly Business Meeting.

For the development of the 2017 Regional slate, the committee met monthly via conference call beginning in the fall of 2016 and increased frequency to bi-weekly in January and to weekly in February 2017, with e-mail conversation in between meetings. We used a Dropbox to share, store, and exchange files. We are beginning to gather a good set of documents (including a Maybe Next Year List of potential candidates) and establish a process.

Per our charge in the Regional Bylaws, we reviewed pending vacancies on the Board of Trustees, Nominating Committee, and Midwest UU Conference (MUUC) Board of Directors due to term limits or other reasons. We also contacted individuals whose terms were ending but would be eligible to continue in their current or different positions.

After circulating a Call for Nominations through Regional Communications, the Minister Associations, Congregational Presidents and other lay leaders, Black Lives UU, Liberal Religious Educators and Directors Association, and MidWest Leadership School contacts, the Committee collected nominee questionnaires from those interested in open positions, conducted phone interviews with potential candidates and completed reference checks. We wondered if our emails were reaching their intended persons. We had a of a lack of response from our ministers and presidents list, but when we were able to make contact, we always received a warm reception. We noted some deficiencies with the list of Ministers and Congregational Presidents, as a member of the committee’s congregation wasn’t on the list. We sought recommendations from Regional Staff and non-traditional groups to try to expand the diversity of our nominations. We need more work in the area of diversity.

As you will see from the proposed slate, we are proposing persons for every open position. We are pleased that two members of the Nominating Committee have
volunteered for another term, as have two members of the Board of Trustees, and one member of MUUC.

While this slate is due February 28th, we continue our work per MAR bylaws. We are looking for nominees for Camp UniStar; we have one current vacancy to fill and will have a vacancy to fill by June 30th.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to all those willing to serve, to those who are continuing to serve, and to those whose terms have ended. We would like to extend a special thank you to Tammy Lemmer. She has provided invaluable leadership to the MAR Nominating Committee since its inception. She served as the chair then passed that leadership on and stayed on to help support the committee throughout this year. It is with deep respect for Tammy’s leadership that we recommend her for an at-large position on the Board of Trustees.

PROPOSED SLATE - MidAmerica Region Board of Trustees

We submit the following nominees for three year terms indicated (I = Incumbent, N = New Candidate):

(I) David Lauth, First Universalist Church, Minneapolis, MN
(I) Janis Chaney, Bismarck Mandan Unitarian Universalist Church, Bismarck, ND
(N) Tammy Lemmer, UU Church of Greater Lansing, Lansing, MI (to complete Rev. Cooley’s term, then begin her own term July 1st)
(N) Dixie Collinson, Open Door UU Fellowship, Owensboro, KY

MidAmerica Region Nominating Committee

We submit the following nominees for two year terms indicated:

(I) Kay Slama, UU Church of Wilmar, MN (completed Brian Bach’s term, starting her first term)
(I) Rob Gallegly, Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship, Carbondale, IL
(N) Bob Lovell, UU Church of Greater Lansing, Lansing, MI

Midwest Unitarian Universalist Conference Directors

There are two vacancies on MUUC. To fill these vacancies, we submit the following nominees for new three year terms (2017-2020).

(I) Rae Jane Araujo, Heritage UU Church, Cincinnati, OH
(N) Ted Lau, Eliot Unitarian Chapel, Kirkwook, MO

Respectfully submitted,
Katherine Daniels - Quincy Unitarian Church, IL
Kay Slama - UU Church of Willmar, MN
Tammy Lemmer - UU Church of Greater Lansing, Lansing, MI
Kees deWit - UU Congregation of Fort Wayne, IN
Robert Gallegly - Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship, Carbondale, IL
Rev. Brian Chenoweth - UU Church of Lexington, KY
Rev. Martin Woulfe - Abraham Lincoln UU Church, Springfield, IL

MidAmerica Region 2017 Slate of Nominees Biographies and Pictures

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