MidAmerica as a Learning Network of Faith Communities: Proposed as a Provisional Covenant of the MidAmerica Region, UUA

Approved September 23, 2014 by the Board of Trustees, MidAmerica Region, Unitarian Universalist Association, for publication preliminary to inclusion on the MidAmerica Annual Business Meeting Agenda in April 2015.

The Learning Network Covenant

In keeping with the multifaceted sources of our Unitarian Universalist tradition -- direct experience of mystery and wonder; words and deeds of prophetic people; wisdom from the world’s religions; and teachings from the Jewish, Christian, Humanist, and earth-centered traditions -- we, the delegates present at the 2015 MidAmerica Regional Assembly, do covenant to become a “Learning Network” as follows.

2015-16 MidAmerica Board of Trustees

Back row: Tom Sommerfeld, David Lauth, Kyrie Bock, Janis Cheney, Eric Huffer
Front row: Doug Cauble, Ellen Germann, Ian Evison, Dawn Cooley, Dave Martin

Dear Colleagues in Leadership,
Our MidAmerica Region has come to life! Since the votes last April, our MidAmerica Board and Staff have been busy, and I want to keep you up to date on our progress, and to make sure that you are “in the MidAmerica loop!”

After the vote of our three district assemblies, we incorporated MidAmerica as a not-for-profit corporation in Iowa (May), received recognition of MidAmerica as a component of the UUA from the Louisville General Assembly (June), and completed a merger between the Central Midwest District and MidAmerica (June). Heartland’s consolidation process is under way, and Prairie Star has formed the Camp UniStar Foundation (CUF). When CUF is ready, Prairie Star will turn the camp and its associated resources over to CUF, and then consolidate into MidAmerica.

Governance Events

Last day to register for RA
Fri Apr 22 @ 4:00PM Eastern time
Fri Apr 29 @ 4:00PM Eastern time
MidAmerica Region Board meeting - location TBD
Thu May 19 @ 8:00AM Eastern time

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