Boost your confidence in managing ministerial payroll. We’ll help you understand the special tax provisions that apply to ministers—dual tax status, housing allowance, and voluntary withholding.

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Former UUA Congregational Life Staff member, Mark Bernstein, has lots of experience with covenants, especially when they don't work. Learn how to avoid some common mistakes so you can make the most of your covenant.

Mark Bernstein is a member of the UU Association of Membership Professionals (UUAMP).

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Have you ever wondered how to create a covenant for a group, committee, or between two people? Watch this for some basics on covenant creation you can use in your congregation.

Presented by Rev. Sharon Dittmar

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Like most of us, the UU Church of Bloomington (IN) was looking for a new way to hold an inspirational canvass. So they tried something new they learned from First Universalist Church of Minneapolis (MN), a ONE DAY canvass that was a day-long party and celebration with multiple activities and events involved. Learn how they planed for and managed this event, what challenges they faced, how members responded, and what happened when the dust settled and all the pennies were counted.

Mary Ann Macklin UUBloomingtonINScott McNeill UUBloomingtonINrev sharon dittmar 2016Speakers: Rev. Mary Ann Macklin, Rev. Scott McNeill, Rev. Sharon Dittmar

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Tina LewisWelcoming visitors is often seen as the most important aspect of the ministry of hospitality, but retaining members is just as, if not more, important to our long-term vitality. Most congregations struggle with “the revolving door” from time to time. Join Tina Lewis, Membership Director at Unity Temple in Oak Park, IL, to learn about a successful new program they developed last year and are refining to offer again soon.

Host: MidAmerica Congregational Life Consultant Dori Thexton