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"Every [religious] tradition on which we draw teaches that the ultimate expression of our spirituality is our action. Deep spirituality … leads inevitably to a commitment to work for environmental and social justice." - Peter Morales

Regional Assembly participants are invited to submit applications to lead and share their knowledge and skills with other attendees.

1. We are seeking workshops that will explore our theme, Hunger for Justice, in greater depth.
2. We also invite workshops that will enrich congregants in their church life.

MidAmerica Regional Assembly 2014, April 11-13

Conference Theme: Hunger for Justice
Ann Arbor, Michigan • Bloomington, Indiana • Topeka, Kansas • Wausau Wisconsin

  • Do you have an idea for helping others to deepen their spirituality, leading them to “action in the world,” as Peter Morales suggests?
  • Has your church been particularly successful in a way you’d like to share? Do members connect with each other on a meaningful level? Raise funds in a fun way? Or perhaps you have tips for integrating church and community?
  • Do you have an idea for an engaging workshop that will help our lay leaders and staff to develop their leadership skills? Run a better meeting? Provide more engaging worship?

Workshop Details

  • Workshop slots are limited in number. Preference will be given to sessions that reflect the Assembly theme,  enrich our congregations, or provide for balance in the overall offerings.
  • Workshops will be offered in only two sessions on Saturday during the Assembly. There will be fewer workshops offered this year because we would like all attendees to participate in an advocacy event on Saturday afternoon.
  • Workshops are one hour and 15 minutes in length.
  • In general, MidAmerica Region does not reimburse for workshop supplies. If this is a problem, please mention in the comments at the end of the application.
  • Upon confirmation of workshop acceptance, all workshop presenters are invited to participate fully in the MidAmerica Regional Assembly. Workshop presenters are expected to register and pay the appropriate Assembly fee. We regret that the only compensation we offer our workshop presenters and other Assembly volunteers is our heartfelt thanks for their time, talents, and dedication to enriching our congregations. Your contribution helps to make the Assembly affordable for everyone. Thank you!
  • Tips for a successful workshop.

Deadline to Apply to Present: December 30

  • Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Bloomington, Indiana
  • Topeka, Kansas: Deadline has passed. No more proposals will be accepted for Topeka.
  • Wausau, Wisconsin