RA2015-logoRegional Assembly workshop tracks will include: Stewardship, Multicultural/Inclusion, Social Justice, Deepening UU, Worship, and New Era. We'll have two sessions for workshops on Saturday afternoon. Mark your calendar now and plan to attend!



Stewardship for Your Congregation: A Survey of New Resources

Mark Ewert, Congregational Stewardship Network Consultant, UUA

What is new in the world of congregational stewardship?  Where do you find the information and support to keep your programs fresh and current? We have some answers! And we will tap your knowledge of support in all forms: books, videos, gatherings, workshops, online resources, consultants, etcetera!


Bending the Arc toward Multicultural Community

Annette Marquis, LGBTQ and Multicultural Programs Director, UUA

The multicultural journey is, in the words of Sister Simone Campbell, a "walk toward trouble." It requires compromise, conciliation, and comfort with being uncomfortable. And yet, when we embrace the multicultural journey, we move closer to Beloved Community. In this workshop, we'll explore how to move together toward trouble.


The "New" in Models of Young Adult Ministry

Rev. Annie Gonzalez Milliken, Young Adult and Campus Ministry Associate, UUA; Nancy Combs-Morgan, MidAmerica Congregational Life Consultant

New models, including "Next Gen" possibilities of young adult ministry will be shared in a panel discussion.

Social Justice

Income Inequality: How to navigate the new Congregational Study/Action Issue (CSAI)

Terry Lowman, Jane Bannor

Current Study/Action Issue, CSAI, Escalating InequalityOrganizing the curriculum and actually getting this off the ground can be challenging.  UUs for a Just Economic Community want to help you overcome these obstacles.  Two UUJEC board members will be presenting.

Social Justice

Making Connections for Meaningful Change

Rev. Alan Taylor, Minister, Unity Temple UU Congregation, Oal Park, IL; Lori Radder

Sharing the successes and struggles of how Unity Temple (Oak Park, IL) has put into practice the principles of relational faith-based community organizing. UTUUC has four years experience building UTCAN (UT Congregational Action Network) and building relationships that strengthen our congregation and expand our power to effect social change.

Deepening UU

Transformational Faith Formation - an Introduction to the Wellspring Program of Spiritual Deepening

Rev. Jennifer Crow, Minister of Program Life, First Universalist Church of Minneapolis, MN

What does an engaging, challenging, and inspiring Unitarian Universalist faith require of us? What components create a balanced spiritual life? Join us to learn more about the Wellspring Program of Unitarian Universalist Spiritual Deepening - a 10-month curriculum that combines spiritual practice, spiritual direction, participation in a small group, engagement with Unitarian Universalist theology and history, and the imperative to put our faith into action.


Theme-Based Church: Bringing Alignment, Depth and Sanity to a Church Near You!

Rev. Scott Tayler, Director Congregational Life Staff Group, UUA

It is often assumed that bigger menus and more programs equal greater impact.  Turns out this just leads to member confusion, spiritual shallowness and leadership burn-out! The theme-based church approach simplifies our worship and small group ministries and makes them more compelling at the same time.  This workshop shares practical suggestions for bringing this alignment and depth to your congregation.

New Era

Further Conversations with Marlin Lavanhar

Rev. Dr. Marlin Lavanhar, Senior Minister All Souls Unitarian Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Keynote Speaker

Come and deepen the conversation about the ideas that Marlin shared during his portions of the keynote presentations.

New Era

Further Conversations with Rosemary Bray McNatt

Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt, President Starr King School for the Ministry, Berkeley, California, and Keynote Speaker

Come and deepen the conversation about the ideas that Rosemary shared during her portions of the keynote presentations.

New Era

What has the MidAmerica Board learned from you in our first 18 months?

Rev. Bill Sasso, Board President MidAmerica Region

Throughout 2014, MidAmerica Board members have been reaching out to congregations and other collaborative groups to learn about how our UU faith is being made manifest locally. Professional religious leaders and actively engage UUs have given us stories of glad tidings from UU groups that are impacting our 13 state region.

New Era

Midwest Leadership School - a Lay Leadership Transformation

Emily Hill Lewis, Quinn Bennett

(How You Can Contribute & Create our New UU Era!) MidWest Leadership School (MWLS) is a 30 year old school that keeps evolving. This workshop explores how MWLS has impacted lives of leaders in our congregations, and thereby impacted our congregations in powerful ways.

New Era

Igniting Growth through Professional Membership Ministry

Lori Emison Clair, Marie Blohowiak, Tina Lewis, and Kathy Porter

Having a Membership Professional helps vitalize hospitality programs, creates a true path to membership and deepens the connections members have to each other. Come learn more about these and the wide variety of ways that a Membership Professional can engage your congregation through numerical growth and depth.




Millennials, Gen Xs, Boomers: Stewardship for All Generations

Mark Ewert, All Souls Church, Unitarian, Washington, DC

Congregations have people in different phases of their lives, economically. Financial stewardship will be different for each generation; a stewardship program should accommodate those preferences. Includes ideas and tools for reaching people according to their life-stage with electronic giving, social-based giving, legacy planning, and others.


Unfortunately, UU Military Ministry Toolkit & Great Lakes Military Ministry workshop has been cancelled.


MyHAT:  Becoming a Caring Congregation

Janet Holden, Bonnie Jordan, Unity Temple UU Congregation, Oak Park, IL

Those with mental disabilities often turn to the faith community.  Unfortunately, many congregations are not equipped to welcome them. UTUUC has adapted and implemented the Rev. Barbara Meyers curriculum "Becoming a Caring Congregation." We will present our ongoing experiences with the development of our Mental Health Awareness Team, known as MyHAT.

Social Justice

Ecological Land Ministries Offer Hope for a Resilient and Equitable Future

Timothy Kercheville, Meagan Harris

In this workshop, we will discuss how our congregations can address issues of climate change, food insecurity, and global injustices that result from both poor land management and consumer practices by introducing a model for Ecological Land Ministries. We will talk about how we can transform church campuses in such a way as regenerates the land and offers hope for a resilient, abundant, and more equitable future.

Social Justice

A New Era for Justice: New Directions in UU State Action Networks

Rev. Ashley Horan, Executive Director Minnesota UU Social Justice Alliance; Randy Block, Director Michigan UU Social Justice Network; Rev. Scott Aaseng, UU Advocacy Network of Illinois

The number of UU statewide advocacy networks (SANs) has increased exponentially over the past decade.  How are SANs amplifying our UU voice, and partnering with other faith-based and secular movements for justice? Learn about best practices, key questions, and future visions for this model of UU social action.

Deepening UU

A Summer UU Experience for the New Era: Camps in the MidAmerica Region

Fred Hulting, Camp UniStar Foundation President; Mike Schwab, Michelle Richards, ChaliceSparx

Summer is a time to rest, re-create, and renew within the power of a natural setting.  Our regional summer camps offer a special out-of-doors, communal, and experiential variety of Unitarian Universalism. We'll share the faith experience of UU camps, including stories from UniStar and ChaliceSparx in MidAmerica.


Alternative Worship: Chucking the Sermon Sandwich

Meredith Plummer, DRE First Unitarian, Cincinnati, Ohio

Are you tired of the sermon sandwich?  Yearning for a more holistic worship experience -- something that is more engaging, communal, personal and interactive?  Learn what can happen when you chuck the sermon sandwich and embrace Alternative Worship, a completely different type of worship experience.

New Era

What Do You and Your Community Desire From the MidAmerica Board?

Rev. Bill Sasso, President MidAmerica Region; Charlotte Preston, Vice President MidAmeria Region

The MidAmerica Region launched in 2013. Necessary start-up concerns filled the work of Staff  and Board throughout 2013 - 2014. With most  infrastructure set now, we'd like to learn how our new Region is fostering a New Era of Unitarian Universalism. What hopes and dreams, fears or frustrations, opportunities and initiatives are you experiencing?

New Era

Next Generation Views of the Future of Our Ministries

Rev. Ian Evison, MidAmerica Congregational Life Consultant; Rev. Molly Housh Gordon, Minister UU Church of Columbia, MO

Emergence of new generations into our leadership will carry with it profound changes of perspective. In particular, increasingly Gen-Xers and Millenials will move into leadership and Baby Boomers will step back.  This will be a conversation about some of the changes emerging.

New Era

Good Governance Grounds the New

Laura Park, Unity Church-Unitarian, St. Paul, MN;  Rev. Roger Bertschausen, Senior Minister Fox Valley UU Fellowship, Appleton, WI

In this workshop, we'll explore the foundational questions fruitful governance asks and answers and how the process of clarifying the answers to those questions can cultivate fertile soil for congregational transformation.

New Era

21st Century Church Administration: Social Media, Risk Management, and Sharing Our Space

Carol Marks, Kirsten Eckert-Smith, Administrators at Bloomington, IN, and Fort Wayne, IN, respectively

Open to all those interested in or working in UU church administration. Exploring new ways to communicate in congregations using web, social media, email.  Resources for risk management to keep people and property safe, including when we share our facilities for non-church events. Time for questions and answers.

New Era

What is Multi-Site and How Could it Help Your Congegation Grow?

Rev. Scott Tayler, Director Congregational Life Staff Group, UUA; Dori Davenport Thexton, MidAmerica Congregational Life Consultant

Two members of the UUA's team on Multi-Site Congregations, along with some congregational staff members who are living it, will describe their experiences and explore ideas on how congregations of all sizes might benefit from considering one of many multi-site options in their setting.

New Era

One Foot in the Door: GROWTH through Community Outreach JUST ADDED

Jim Coppoc, Ames, Iowa

Unitarian Universalism has a lot to offer, but an ongoing struggle with limited reach.  Sometimes the best way to advertise our faith community is simply to get potential members/attendees in the door, and to let them see for themselves who we are. This workshop offers strategies for filling your building with music, dialogue and activities intended to reach out to the larger community, to build interest through social media, and to get the larger community excited about the good work you are doing!