• A Dozen Good Ideas and One Caveat:Explore how you can improve the function of your Committee on Ministry.  Find out how best to structure your COM, what their job should be, and how to help your congregation become more vibrant through this work.

    Presenter: Rev. Barbara Child. Barbara retired from interim ministry in 2012 and also serves as a Ministerial Settlement Representative.

    Host: Rev. Lisa Presley, Congregational Life Consultant, MidAmerica Region


    Allows professional clergy, lay leaders and congregation at large to work toward fulfillment of mission and covenant. Bylaws should support COM made up of well respected persons. Regular rotation and term limits. Should not have adversarial approach!

  • Small Group MinistryPresenter: Peter Bowden

    Peter Bowdenuuamp-logo-xsEach and every year hundreds of thousands of people visit Unitarian Universalist Association congregations, as many people as we have members! Thanks to the internet, people are able to educate themselves about our faith, listen to sermons, and increasingly show up pre-qualified for membership. It is the perfect set up for rapid numerical membership growth. So what’s wrong? And more important, what can we do about it? The answer is relationship! To welcome these thousands upon thousands of people into our hearts and lives, we must increase the relational capacity of our ministry. Small group ministries are the key. In this webinar we explore the important role small group ministry plays in congregational growth and membership development.

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    Nancy Combs-Morgan, MidAmerica Coordinator of Emerging Youth and Young Adult Ministries
    Dori Davenport Thexton, Faith Development and Growth Director, Central Midwest District UUA
    Reference: Sustainable Youth Ministry by Mark DeVries

  • Theology of LeadershipRev Phil LundMany Unitarian Universalists experience a deepening commitment to their faith and congregation as a call to accept a position of leadership. This workshop focused on helping lay leaders grow in spirit as they grow as leaders. Webinar presented by the Rev. Phillip Lund on October 1, 2011.


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