• Generosity webinarDori Dec2013In this webinar led by Congregational Life Consultant Dori Davenport Thexton, participants:

    • Explored generosity as a spiritual practice
    • Imagined what their congregation would look like if it was truly generous
    • Examined obstacles to creating the culture of generosity in their congregation
    • Created ways to enable members to experience the joys and rewards of being generous
    • Learned about the vital link between mission and generosity

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    We also present a workshop on this topic at congregations around the MidAmerica Region. Contact us for more information:

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    Like most of us, the UU Church of Bloomington (IN) was looking for a new way to hold an inspirational canvass. So they tried something new they learned from First Universalist Church of Minneapolis (MN), a ONE DAY canvass that was a day-long party and celebration with multiple activities and events involved. Learn how they planed for and managed this event, what challenges they faced, how members responded, and what happened when the dust settled and all the pennies were counted.

    Mary Ann Macklin UUBloomingtonINScott McNeill UUBloomingtonINrev sharon dittmar 2016Speakers: Rev. Mary Ann Macklin, Rev. Scott McNeill, Rev. Sharon Dittmar

    Here is the Power Point slide presentation: PLEDGE DAY UUCB

    Here is the slide presentation in video format:

  • Year-Round StewardshipMark EwertAn online workshop presented on November 18, 2010, led by Mark Ewert, UUA Congregational Stewardship Services Consultant and Certified Leadership Coach.

    The FORTH Stewardship Development Program wrapped up a 7-site demonstration project in June of this year. It was based on content from the widely-used congregational text resource, Beyond Fundraising: A Complete Guide to Congregational Stewardship by Wayne Clark. The demonstration project generated many significant areas of intelligence and usable best practices for UU congregations.

    This workshop reviewed the findings of the FORTH demonstration, detailing some of the achievements and challenges to implementing year-round stewardship, and discussed next steps in the further development of FORTH.

    Participants were asked to share their own experiences and tips for implementing effective stewardship programs.

    Mark Ewert is a congregational stewardship consultant for the Unitarian Universalist Association; his focus is on helping congregations to grow their cultures of generosity. In addition to 10 years as a fundraising professional, Mark has been a fundraising consultant, facilitator, and teacher for nonprofit organizations. He is also a certified leadership coach in private practice. For more information, please visit his website at

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