The Central Midwest District UUA merged in 2013 with the Districts of Heartland and Prairie Star to form the MidAmerica Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association.
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Momentous August 2012 Meeting

MidAmericaUUA-logo2012-wSQYou were promised an update on MidAmerica regionalization in September. There is a lot to report.

First, a brief recap of the last year:

  • In 2011 our three UU district boards: Prairie Star, Central Midwest, and Heartland, voted to work together to create a regional governance in lieu of our three district governance model. We accepted the UUA ENDS as the ENDS of our districts as policy governance style boards which are to inspire people to lead lives of humility and purpose, connection and service, thereby transforming themselves and the world.
  • We also recognized the UUA as the sole employer of co-funded staff. The co-funded staff of the three districts is transitioning to a regional service structure to be in place July 2013. The Central Midwest, Prairie Star and Heartland District boards are working to transition on the same date.
  • At our 2012 Annual District Meetings, the delegates accepted a transition budget as well as our usual district working budgets and we shared this vision with our members: