The Central Midwest District UUA merged in 2013 with the Districts of Heartland and Prairie Star to form the MidAmerica Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association.
This site is for archival information only. For the latest events and news, please go to MidAmericaUUA.org.

Calendar Policy

1. The CMwD calendar aims to further the mission of the district by publicizing district events and events of interest to the district sponsored by congregations of the district. The calendar also serves as a scheduling tool for the congregations of the district enabling them to check whether their might be potentially conflicting events on dates when a congregation may wish to schedule something. We have developed this policy to balance the fact that many would like us to assist with publicizing events and yet our congregational leaders tell us the calendar is most useful when it focuses on district events not listed on other calendars such as the UUA event calendar (www.uua.org/events/index_date.shtml) and the UUA Social Justice calendar (www.uua.org/socialjustice/calendar/index.shtml).
2. Allowable postings:
a. Only events that have been sponsored by the District or are associated with District in some way will be entered on the Web Calendar, with the UUA General Assembly being a notable exception.
b. With the exception of the Board meetings, events having to with the district’s own business (e.g., staff or committee meetings) will go on the separate staff calendar and not the public calendar.
Note: although the Board meeting is not a public event (it is open), the Board generally hosts a meal at each meeting to which area congregational leaders are invited.
c. Generally the aim of the district calendar is to list events open to the whole district. Yet, to aid in scheduling some events for subgroups are listed (e.g., UUMA and LREDA retreats or meetings of the Growth Pilot or the Large Congregation Staff Group are listed.
d. We make a special effort to list congregational events such as building dedications, installations & ordinations that are open to the district. Please take special care not to schedule events that conflict
with these.
e. Events in the district sponsored by non-congregational UU groups (e.g., Meadville) will be listed when they open to all, when they are of broad interest to congregational leaders in the district, and
when they are of major importance from the point of view of scheduling other district events (e.g., the annual Fall retreats for UU religious professionals).
3. Formatting:
a. Entries appearing on the calendar itself should be limited to “who, what, where, and when.”
b. Entries may take up no more than 200 words.
c. Small graphics are encouraged, but must be no more than 1” in height and width.
d. Links to flyers with additional information and graphics are encouraged. The flyers may reside in the CMwD web site or be referenced on another web site via a hyperlink.
e. Entries that spread over multiple days should include a full description on the first day and have entries for second days and beyond should only refer back to the entry on the first day.
4. Suggestions about how to make this calendar more useful are welcome. If you have suggestions, let us know.