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PSD Policies and Procedures

PSD Operating Policies and Procedures, May 2012   (PDF file — 214 KB, 74 pages)

In April 2009, the PSD Board decided to move to Policy Governance. This change in governance structure will necessitate changes in the relationships among the PSD Board, staff, and committees. Some of the information in Operating Policies and Procedures will be out of date during the transition period.


Section 1: pdf  PSD Policy Governance Ends

(Adopted by the PSD Board of Directors April 8, 2011)

Section 2: pdf  PSD Policy Governance Executive Limits

(Adopted by the PSD Board of Directors June 4, 2011)

Section 3: pdf  PSD Board Governance Process Policies

(Adopted by the PSD Board of Directors August 19, 2011)

Section 4: pdf  PSD Board District Executive Linkage Policy

(Adopted by the PSD Board of Directors April 8, 2011. Additional detail to be developed and presented for Board action on June 4, 2011.)

pdf  PSD Policy Governance Priorities 2011-12