The Central Midwest District UUA merged in 2013 with the Districts of Heartland and Prairie Star to form the MidAmerica Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association.
This site is for archival information only. For the latest events and news, please go to MidAmericaUUA.org.

UU Acronyms

November 2006

APF — Annual Program Fund
AR/AO/MC — Anti-Racist/Anti-Oppressive/Multicultural
ARE — Allies for Racial Equity
ARE — Adult Religious Education
AYS — About Your Sexuality
BCD — Ballou Channing District
BCM — Big Complex Meeting (all UUA staff)
BOR — Board of Review
BOT — Board of Trustees
CAUUC — Chicago Area UU Council
CBD — Clara Barton District
CPBC — Compensation, Pensions and Benefits Committee
CERR — Conflict Engagement Right Relations
CGDC — Congregational Growth and Development Council
CIAC — Central Illinois Area Council
CLF — Church of the Larger Fellowship
CMwD — Central Midwest District
COA — Commission on Appraisal
COC — Committee on Committees
CPLC — Congregational Properties and Loan Commission
CSD — Congregational Services Director
CSW — Commission on Social Witness
CUC — Canadian Unitarian Council
CUUPS — Covenant of UU Pagans
CU2C2 — Council of UU Camps and Conferences
C-UUYAN — Continental UU Young Adult Network
CYF — Church of the Younger Fellowship
DA — District Assembly
DFDG — Director of Faith Development and Growth
DOM — District Office Manager
DPA — District President’s Association
DRE — Director of Religious Education
DRUUMM — Diverse Revolutionary UU Multicultural Ministries
DYSC — District Youth Steering Committee
FIA — Faith in Action
FL — Florida District
FTP — Fulfilling the Promise
GA — General Assembly
GISC — Growth Initiative Steering Committee
G&S — Growth and Support
GLBT — Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered
HTLD — Heartland District
ICUU — International Council of Unitarians and Universalists
IARF — International Association of Religious Freedom
IALRW—International Association of Liberal Religious Women
ICUUW—International Convocation of U*U Women
JPD — Joseph Priestly District
JTW — Journey Toward Wholeness
JTWTC — Journey Toward Wholeness Transformation Committee
LREDA — Liberal Religious Educators Association
LUUNA — Latino UU Networking Association
MBD — Mass Bay District
MDD — Mountain Desert District
MFC — Ministerial Fellowship Committee
MNYD — Metro New York District
MOD Squad — Ministerial Opportunities Development
MRE — Minister of Religious Education
MSD — Mid-South District
MSR — Ministerial Settlement Representative
MRSCC — Midwest Regional Sub-Committee on Candidacy
MUUC — Midwest UU Conference
MUUF — Midwest UU Foundation
NCAC — North Central Area Council
NED — North East District
NHVTD — New Hampshire Vermont District
OBGLTC — Office of Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered Concerns
OMD — Ohio Meadville District
OWL — Our Whole Lives
PCC — Partner Church Council
PCD — Pacific Central District
PG — Policy Governance
PNWD — Pacific Northwest District
PM — Parish Minister
PSD — Prairie Star District
PSWD — Pacific Southwest District
RE — Religious Education
REACH — Religious Education Action Clearing House
REGC — Religious Education and Growth Consultant
RSCC — Regional Subcommittee on Candidacy
SEWUUC — South East Wisconsin UU Council
SLAUUC — St. Louis Area UU Council
STLD — St. Lawrence District
SWUUC — South West UU Conference (District)
SWUUW — South West UU Women
TJD — Thomas Jefferson District

U*U — Unitarian-Universalist (inclusive)
UUA — Unitarian Universalist Association
UUMA — Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association
UUMN — Unitarian Universalist Musicians Network
UUSC — Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
UU-UNO — Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office
UUWF — Unitarian Univesalist Women's Federation
UUWR— Unitarian Universalist Women and Religion
WCRP — World Conference on Religion and Peace
WOA — Washington Office for Advocacy
W & R — Women and Religion
YAC — Youth/Adult Committee
YASC — Young Adults Steering Committee
YATF — Youth/Adult Task Force
YA-YA — Youth and Young Adult (Consultant)
YRUU — Young Religious Unitarian Universalist