PhilHad a great conversation with Phil Lund today over coffee in St Paul. His message was that social media is no longer an optional part of the work of our congregations and we need to be strategic about how we use it. What does this look like for congregations or for the MidAmerica Region? Phil helped me get a start on this list of ten of what makes for a strategic approach to social media: (1) Support the mission. (2) Think modular—create pieces which can be used many places. (3) Keep it short—short and focused beats long and thoughtful. (4) Make it sustainable—keeping at it is half the challenge. (5) Use images; words are not enough. (6) Build networks—you need people who will pass on what you post. (7) Be ready to work hard at it—momentum builds slowly. (8) Enlist a team. (9) Be ready to adapt—the internet you plan for today will not be the internet of tomorrow. (10) Keep it real--integrity counts. If you know a congregation who does a great job of social media, let us know—we will profile it here. You want more on this, there is a lot more on the web about social media strategy for churches. Here is one I liked—with pictures!