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We are seeking to covenant with each other to find new ways of partnering and standing together on the side of love for the flourishing of our world, our communities, our congregations and our members.


Oak Park IL August 2017

We are nearly 200 UU congregations in parts or all of: Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska.


MidAmerica Region Board 2017-18 photo by Sharon Dittmar

MidAmerica Region Board of Trustees

MidAmerica Region Congregational Life Staff 2017

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Rev. Sharon Dittmar, Nancy Combs-Morgan, Rev. Phil Lund, Rev. Ian Evison, Rev. Dr. Lisa Presley

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It seems that the future promises more focus on authenticity and community and less on formality of structure; more focus on whole congregation approaches to social justice and faith development in preference to numerous specialized programs. Some see decrease in focus on membership and increased focus on looser forms of affiliation (e.g., Facebook friends). What would it mean for us to adapt creatively to these changed realities?

Recently Terasa Cooley, UUA Director for Congregational Life assembled some of her ideas on this in a presentation at Meadville/Lombard Theological School:

“Adapting to a Changing Religious Landscape”,

Terasa frames some of the changes she sees in a series of contrasts: Pews to circles; Anonymous to intimate; Attraction to mobilization; Full “seating capacity” to full “sending capacity”; Ordained ministry to ordinary ministry.