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WEBINAR: MidAmerica as a Learning Network
Tue Jun 10 @ 7:45PM
Sun Jun 22 @12:00PM
AUUA Prof Days
Tue Jun 24 @ 4:00PM
UUAMP Professional Day
Wed Jun 25 @ 8:30AM
Wed Jun 25 @ 1:00PM
Camp Unistar
Sat Jun 28 @12:00PM

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Please let us know what your congregation’s plans are for your Regional Fair Share payments this year. Your former district Fair Share contribution will now be a Regional Fair Share contribution. The Regional Fair Share giving amount for July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014, is $23 per certified member.


To see the amount of your congregation’s Fair Share ...


This is not a pledge, not a promise to pay, just a way of letting us know what is in your budget, what you anticipate your contribution will be. We understand that you may need to amend your budget during the year.

Knowing your intentions will allow MidAmerica Region to predict our financial situation and will help us to control our expenses to match income.

We appreciate your help.

Address any questions to Sarah Greene, [email protected].

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