The Central Midwest District UUA merged in 2013 with the Districts of Heartland and Prairie Star to form the MidAmerica Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association.
This site is for archival information only. For the latest events and news, please go to MidAmericaUUA.org.

CMwD Strategic Plan

  • 15% more members, 5% / year
  • 2 new congregations (not fellowships) and move forming groups to official congregation status
  • Focus on congregations w/potential for growth, and help them strengthen their mission/vision/planning work
  • 20 congregations w/YA or CM groups, with YAs well-integrated into cong.

Existing district groups to be involved:
G & S, GISC, CL, YAPS, W & R, UUMA, LREDA, UUMN, Consultants, DYSC

Steps to take/resources to use:
  • Study KC results, explore advertising
  • Demographic studies
  • Congregations sharing stories & resources
  • Encourage/seek out family resources, activities, support
  • Use anti-oppression lens
  • Faith Development resources, support -- get Judith Frediani's AA02 keynote address
  • Covenant groups
  • Use transition interviews & startups for raising awareness about growth
  • LD supported in congregational budget lines (20)
  • Continuing Education on generations, needs, worship
  • Expanded consultant program, emphasizing stewardship, mission/vision, planning
  • Cluster area leadership groups & meetings
Existing district groups to be involved:
LDC, REC, Nominating Committee, CERR, W & R, Consultants, UUMA, LREDA, MWLS, UUMN,YAPS, DYSC, District Assembly planning committee

Steps to take/resources to use:
  • Assess actual diversity -- age, families, generations, class
  • District Annual Assembly
  • Cluster LD work
  • Communications, sharing resources, models
  • Weekend LD modules
New ideas to explore/create:
  • Connections for joint work with Meadville/Lombard & UUMA
  • Congregational President's Council & Cluster Leadership meetings, including youth & YAs
  • LD e-group -- 1) resource, 2) discuss & reflect, 3) next steps / using Interconnections website
  • More congregations knowing each other, and connected; sharing mission/vision & planning strategies
  • Messenger to everyone in CMwD twice a year
  • More contributors to Messenger
  • Pairs and triads of congregations working together, especially in social justice, leadership development and family ministries
Existing groups to be involved:
ALL committees, congregation's denominational affairs & newsletter editors, District Assembly planning committee,

Steps to take:
  • Denominational affairs -- assess needs, interest, what information?, clarify roles
  • Consider history of region -- Western Unitarian Conference
  • District Assembly Workshops
  • CMwD Social Justice Task Group
  • Communications Task Group
  • District e-groups and listservs