The Central Midwest District UUA merged in 2013 with the Districts of Heartland and Prairie Star to form the MidAmerica Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association.
This site is for archival information only. For the latest events and news, please go to MidAmericaUUA.org.

CMwD Board of Trustees

Current MidAmerica Region Board Members

Rev. Bill Sasso

Interim President
(9/1/12 to 4/2013)
Rev Dr Bill Sasso (2014)

Vice President
Dr. Jeff Reed (2015)

Tracey Koch (2013)

Nancy Armstrong (2015)

Rob Zimmerman (2015)

Vera Dowell (2014)

Suzi DeBeers (2013)

Ministerial Trustee
Rev Dr Sydney A Morris (2014)

UUA Trustee
Rev. Erik David Carlson (2014)
UU Church of Stockton

CMwD policy is to not display photos or contact information for minors

Youth Trustee

Kenneth Pechtl (2013)
North Shore Unitarian Church
Deerfield, IL


Many thanks to recent past board members...

Rev. Brian Covell (8/2012)

Warren Thom (2012)

Rosemary Johnston-Lawton (2012)

Meredith E.S. Beckman (2012)

Rev. Emmy Lou Belcher (2011)

Sandra Campbell (2011)

Mallory Mattimore - Malan

Justine Urbikas (2011)