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Nancy HeegeI am asked this question quite frequently, and I'm sure the other MidAmerica Field Staff are getting it, too. I know it's coming from a place of concern or perhaps a place of curiosity. "How are you holding up in the midst of all this change? How will it be for you once this is over? How do you really feel about regionalization?"

I have to say that I'm feeling fine. And we're feeling fine. And we want to encourage delegates to our District Assemblies to vote in favor of the change in governance that's being proposed. We've worked hard to support our three District Boards in their discernment process, and we hereby endorse the proposal to create the MidAmerica Region.

As the Field Staff person with the longest tenure, I remember the days of riding my horse across the prairies from place to place, showing up in congregations a la The Lone Ranger – where I'd find expectations that I could solve every problem in less than 30 minutes, because the theme music would soon begin. Okay, so there was no horse, no quick solutions, and no theme music. But the work was quite lonely, with one District Staff person to plan and do it all. Our team of six [Ian Evison, Dori Thexton, Lisa Presley, Nancy Combs-Morgan, Phil Lund, and me] enjoy working together to provide services for our congregations. Our skills are complementary, and we like each other. We have a strong team. What we are able to offer is stronger because we work closely together.

Our programs and our administrative structure are becoming regional, and we'd like to see a regional governance structure in place to support our work. If you are a delegate to your District Assembly next month, please vote in favor of the proposal to create the MidAmerica Region. Your staff encourages you to vote yes.

-- Nancy Heege, Prairie Star District Executive

ALERT: Is it a scam?

Not in this case. UU Service Committee is making calls, and there has been some confusion with our Chalice Lighters Program. You should know that MidAmerica Chalice Lighters does NOT make phone solicitations. Safety Tip: Be sure to identify the caller and where they’re from. It helps to write it down to help you remember. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].