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CONartistJANUARY 9-11 2015

Join us for this Art-themed high school youth CON. It will include assorted visual, musical, and literary workshops, plus meals, worship, super-secret surprise, and coffee house. Materials are included in $40 registration fee.

Register after January 3 - $45

Final Registration Deadline: January 5, 2014

Limited to 50 participants, so register soon!

DOWNLOAD and share our flyer! icon CONartist HS Youth Conference 2015


Youth Conferences Across the Region

We are blessed to have clusters of congregations in our respective former districts (Central Midwest, Heartland and Prairie Star) who help to create, with youth and adult leaders, distinct structures for youth events in their respective areas. In FY14, there were more than a dozen youth ministry events across the region, serving just under 1,000 youth and adult leaders!

To enable and foster such a robust youth ministry experience, we are working with a variety of geographical structures for youth events, to keep them all engaging and safe.


Our MidAmerica regional staff members, Nancy Combs-Morgan,, and Dori Davenport Thexton, continue to work with congregations on developing sustainable youth ministry experiences, as well as continuing education training, such as the “New Youth Advisor Webinars" (Sept. 9th and 18th).  Nancy Combs-Morgan serves as advocate for the three area youth councils; both Nancy and Dori organize the training for the Con-Coordinators for the Central Midwest Area. Nancy works directly with the Con-Coordinators, and is the point person for congregational leaders who questions about youth conferences in the MA region.

You can always go to the MidAmerica Region Youth and Young Adult page for the latest!

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August 2-3, 2013 marked an historic moment for Unitarian Universalist youth ministry leaders in the MidAmerica region. After many months of hard work and dedication, the Mid America Youth Advisor Network, (MAYAN) was officially launched.

MAYAN is intended to provide youth advisors with a place to go for information, to ask questions and collectively share our ideas, wisdom and resources. As youth advisors, we are here because we share a passion for youth ministry, and while the work we do with youth is vital, it is also important to make time to honor ourselves and to grow spiritually. MAYAN creates a space for us to connect in meaningful ways and to nurture and support each other.

You can currently connect with MAYAN on Facebook and the MAYAN website. You can also email the group moderator at .

MAYAN is here for all of us because of the hard work and perseverance of several veteran youth leaders. A debt of gratitude is owed to Heather Godbout, Kim Tilford and Bill Huber. Thank you for believing in MAYAN and thank you for caring enough about us as leaders and about the future of our youth to hold on to your vision, even in the dark.

"...we're the generation we can't afford to wait...The future started yesterday we're already late..." -- John Legend

What an honor to take part in this historic event, the creation of MAYAN at Advisor Con 2013. I was especially thrilled to be asked to serve as the MidAmerica Regional staff liaison for MAYAN.

In this context, I will endeavor to link our respective MidAmerica youth ministry leaders, and to go the next step in providing transformative trainings and resources for our congregational leaders who are endeavoring to create spirit filled, congregationally-focused, multigenerational, and multicultural youth ministry. I will also be a committed advocate for alignment and partnership with our national Youth and Young Adult Office.

I am convinced that this is the start of a significant partnership! As John Legend has expressed...the future started yesterday and tomorrow is already here!

YOUTH MidWest Leadership School

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UUA President's Ferguson Statement

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